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About The Shell Station

The Shell Station, retailer of Pea Bee & Jae shells, was founded in 2005. Right from the start we’ve focused exclusively on selling shells—lightweight tops designed to be worn under suit coats, jackets, jumpers, sweaters and hoodies. Our loyal customers began offering us their ideas and opinions on how to refine our shell to make it perfect. We cast a wide net looking for the right manufacturer, and when we couldn’t find an existing manufacturer who could make the quality product we were looking for, we determined to do it ourselves.

We hired top designers from Manhattan's Fashion District to perfect our acclaimed design, a contour conscious fit that flatters every figure. We perfected the neckline to a degree previously believed impossible, creating clothes that adhere proudly to the principles of tznius / tzniut. We insisted that our plus-sizes complement the wearer and achieved that with a unique pattern. And we extended our line to include maternity shells that offer comfort to women at every stage of their pregnancy.

The Pea Bee & Jae label was launched.

In addition to our nylon/spandex and cotton/spandex shells—basics to a wardrobe—we sought out new and attractive fabrics. We now make shells from modal. This delightful fabric made from beech trees features a smooth hand comparable to synthetic fabrics, yet it breathes.  Sleeve lengths range from full length sleeves, ¾ sleeves, short sleeves, to sleeveless tank tops. Necklines range from our original rounded neckline to include turtlenecks . Our crop-tops offer the coverage you want where you want it…nothing extra. Our bodysuits are always in vogue, .

Our discerning customers wear Pea Bee & Jae shells to add a little color to a suit, to make a sweater more comfortable, a low neckline more modest, and a sheer shirt less revealing.

Our shells come in a marvelous array of colors—a selection that has brought us distinction and recognition worldwide. While we carry the basic colors, we keep ahead of the color curve bringing you the newest color trends each season. And we call it what it is…black, white, brown, navy, cream, off-white, pink, blue, camel, grey, beige, taupe, violet, , fuchsia, turquoise, , yellow, mustard, rust, wine, green, raspberry  and many, many others.

We carry a total of twenty sizes! Our children's shells are a wardrobe staple, an improvement over standard T-shirts. Every mother loves our cotton three-quarter T-shirts in the summer. Our pregnant customers find our shells affordable and versatile enough for every day and all occasions. And our crop-tops deliver expectant moms with coverage where it's needed and comfort where it's not.

Our material is milled exclusively for us according to our rigorous specifications from the precise shade of each color, the weight, thread count, stretch, and many more particulars—all to meet the discriminating tastes of our customers.

Our entire line of products is proudly made in the U.S.A. This gives us more control and oversight, and altogether insures that our customers purchase a top quality product. And we still give you the best prices!

Please contact us regarding wholesale inquiries.